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A while ago doing a keyword research for one of my SEO projects, I suddenly found myself in a new area – knowledge management. As I am in SEO, so I got used to check the competition by the amounts and prices of advertising, the buzz on keywords etc.  And i was actually surprised that competition is so low for keywords like knowledge management expert, best knowledge management software,  sharing knowledge,  knowledge sharing software, knowledge sharing tool. Actually the prices are as low as 0.05$/click. I really think this a great opportunity to boost advertising efforts for software that has knowledge management elements like Comindwork, or Centraldesktop. Well anyway I wanted to check what google thinks are the best knowledge management software’s, here is a small list from my little research:

  • BrainEKP – is pretty much based on visual knowledge sharing and management, much like mind maps, looks interesting.
  • Knowledgebase – knowledge management through articles and forums, I think this  is just wrong, when the knowledge base grows it is very hard to share the knowledge if you can’t find it isn’t?
  • Interspire Knowledge Manager – now this really looks more of a knowledge management software, it offer knowledge sharing, integration, workflows, RSS syndication, statistics, imports and much more, this is a piece of software that really is worthwhile totake a look at.
  • and I truly believe that with a little bit of customization any project management software that features wikis and collaboration options can be adapted to be used as a knowledge management tool as well.

Do you use any knowledge management software? I personally love wikis :) )

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