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Search Marketing has become a popular buzzword and I will try to explain what exactly does it mean and how it relates to both Search and Internet Marketing.
Search Marketing can also be referred to Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
It is a part of online marketing efforts that are targeted at increasing traffic to the website from the search engines in  [ Read More ]


Starting from the early 1990s Internet marketing and SEM made a huge development from simple text-based websites that offered product information into highly complex and complete online businesses promoting and selling their services on the Internet. I will be writing a series of post to educate myself and everyone interested on the topic, this post  [ Read More ]


You might wonder what I’ve been busy with in the last couple weeks, the answer is simple – I’ve been busy with an online website ROI calculator.
Recently my company (Ecommerce Solution Provider) introduced a new Website ROI calculator and conversion funnel tool that is completely free and provides e-commerce, retail managers and CEOs with an  [ Read More ]


When you would need to use 301 redirects?

You have a website with a lot of broken links and 404 errors – in this case you should redirect all problematic website pages to the corresponding live pages
You have updated your website and your site structure has changed permanently – if your website is new that is  [ Read More ]


It is hard to deny that Google offers one of the best website analytics tools available today – Google Analytics and what’s more it is completely free. But often when websites grow it is risky to trust one source of information especially for e-commerce businesses and such owners found themselves questioning, what other website analytic  [ Read More ]


I am not sure how about you, but my favorite RSS reader is Google Reader and so far it is one of the most popular RSS readers. The only thing that is missing – support for password protected feeds (secure and private RSS feeds), and I hate using desktop or adobe air applications, because as  [ Read More ]


A while ago doing a keyword research for one of my SEO projects, I suddenly found myself in a new area – knowledge management. As I am in SEO, so I got used to check the competition by the amounts and prices of advertising, the buzz on keywords etc.  And i was actually surprised that  [ Read More ]


Comindwork SEO Project Background
I started working on Comindwork online project management software from the beta launch three years ago (wow time flies), this is a fine example of a long term SEO project.
First of all here is some information on this cool project management tool (that I use myself daily to manage projects and stay  [ Read More ]


Flexmonster SEO Project Background
Flexmonster was a short term SEO project, due to a very tight budget. Flexmonster offers flex/flash development services, flash pivot table component and SalesForce components. The most interesting thing on this project was that basically site is targeting four completely different targeted segments:

Professional business people who are looking for quality professional flex  [ Read More ]


Developflash LiveArt Background
I worked on and respective LiveArt online design software website full time for three month and the results were more then satisfying. offers LiveArt online design tools for almost anything you can imagine: signs, decals, t-shirts, stickers, lettering, embroidery, cards, and photo albums. Basically LiveArt team can customize their product to  [ Read More ]